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Fabrication Services

Vaughans- one of the most versatile industrial forging and fabrication
companies in the world

Flamecut Blanks

We have a CAD controlled gas/plasma arc-profiling machine. Its capacity is plates up to 4m x 2m - weight limit 2 tonnes.
Steel Fabrication

Capacity: 2 tonnes
               Welding and cold bending (500 ton hydraulic press)
               Press brake forming - 3m long x 10mm thick
               Shearing - 2.5mm x 10mm
We also offer a design service for general plant fabrication such as platforms, gantries, stairways and machine guards.
Blacksmithing Work

We have a team of highly experienced blacksmiths.

In addition we are the leading manufacturer of all types of hot metalworking tongs, if something can be forged by hand or by open die hammer, we can manufacture it!

"Vaughans (Hope Works) is one of the more serious tong makers in the world.
They make a vast range of low-carbon steel tongs in every conceivable configuration"
ANVIL Magazine (USA) Volume XIX Number 9

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