Our Capabilities

Vaughans- one of the most versatile industrial forging and fabrication 
companies in the world


Metal Fabrication

We are able to offer a bespoke service to meet customer's specific requirements. Manufacturing for you in small or large quantities using best methods for quality and cost solutions

CNC Press Brake Facilities

Amada press brake: bending pressure of 100 tons and bend length of 3 meters with a throat depth of 420mm. The maximum capacity bend is 5mm thick at 3000mm long with current punch & die capacities

CNC Tube Bending

Bend up to 10mm dia solid bar & mild steel tube with a max o/side dia of 35mm & a wall thickness of 1.5mm. We currently support dies for the bending of 10mm,12.7mm,6mm,19mm, 22mm,25mm&35mm o/side dia


We offer MIG & TIG Welding - including on site welding



Pearson guillotine with a maximum cut of 2500mm long and cutting thicknesses from 1.5mm up to 10mm

Foundry Supplies

Foundry supplies, Tools and equipment for Foundries, Blacksmiths & Tinsmiths - Forgings and Fabrications. We supply worldwide!

Plasma Cutter

Computer controlled profile burner capable of cutting material up to 100mm thick. Bed size of 3000mm x 2000mm also with a plasma arc attachment capable of cutting material with a max thickness of 6mm




Vaughans (Hope Works) is one of the more serious tong makers in the world.

We manufacture Tongs for a wide range of applications - Lifting Tongs for Health and Safety -   Furnace Tongs all sizes – Blacksmith and Farrier Tongs – Special Bespoke Tongs


"Vaughans (Hope Works) is one of the more serious tong makers in the world.
They make a vast range of low-carbon steel tongs in every conceivable configuration"
ANVIL Magazine (USA) Volume XIX Number 9

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