Fire Cube – Single




Fire Cube – Single

The simplest and easiest way to extinguish fires

The fire ball is based on a revolutionary technology which provides solutions that are much
advanced when compared to traditional methods. The problems and limitations of the
conventional fire-fighting methods have been the reason for its development. The ball
contains the same chemical compounds as standard extinguishers and can be used for
putting out class A fire and for surveillance of class B and C fires. It is very easy to use and
provides extra protection as itself detonates in the presence of fire without requiring human

Within 3 to 10 seconds after the contact with the flame, the trigger inside the fireball
detonates the fuse on the ball’s surface. An instant blast occurs, and the chemical powder
disperses over an area of 8-10 square meters (equivalent to a 2.5 kg standard extinguisher).
The outward driving force of the blast pushes the oxygen out of the fire area, and the
powder extinguishes the fire.

The product is certified in the European Community. The shelf life of the Fireball is 5 years
and it requires neither servicing nor training in order to be used. Upon activation, the ball
makes a high-pitched alarm sound of 120-140 dBA. No false alarms can occur since the ball
does not detonate itself in absence of fire. It is environmentally friendly and does not harm

Easy to Use

Simply mount to desired area and the product will self-activate.

4.Maintenance Free

Fire Extinguisher Ball is completely maintenance and service free.


Dry powder fire extinguishing device can be widely used in kitchens, hotels, offices, hospitals, care homes, vehicles etc…..

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